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Splash, Turn, Twist

I'm really late for the back to school post, but I'll share anyways.

No Class

Tuesday & Thursday
-Critical Issues in Journalism
-Theories of Persuasion
-Practical Phonetics (French)

-Children's Literature

No Class

All in all my schedule isn't too bad, I'm just not thrilled about, if that makes sense. Although I do have great professors so that's a plus. It's mainly just that I'm a senior and don't want to do any work that doesn't involve applying for grad school.

Yes, let's talk about grad school since that's basically my life now. I'm applying to seven schools and it's hell. And expensive. I will probably spend a little over $500 in application fees alone. Also I have 13 essays to write in addition to the ones from school. Honestly I'm so stressed it's not even funny. After I'm done with homework each day, my remaining time is spent studying for the GRE (which I take October 9th) and filling out applications, all of which need to be finished by Dec.1.
I'm not going to tell where I'm applying to, just in case I don't get in anywhere and look a fool. Although I will say I got an interview with Northwestern, so wish me luck muffins.

This whole post is to sum up that I basically will not have a life until second semester. Please don't be offended if I don't see or talk to you a lot. I've just got blinders on now trying to make sure I get everything done while still getting a reasonable amount of sleep.

Oh yeah that's the other thing! I have an 8 am class Tues and Thurs (the journalism one) and it's the first one I've taken since freshman year. It's a big ass class (over 200 maybe?) and it's my first pass/fail elective class. So basically I don't give a fuck whenever I show up. He's a nice teacher but he makes the powerpoint lectures available before class and just summarizes them in class. Also the class is filled with freshman who all seem to know each other and are really chipper which just puts me in even more of a sourpuss mood. In contrast to what I usually do for most classes (sitting up front, showing up early) I just park it in the back and sleep. I'VE BECOME THAT KID.

Alex, I saw your post that you're working at Barneys. I expect to be alerted on any sales. ESPECIALLY those regarding Christian Louboutin heels/boots.

That's pretty much my life. I hope everyone's lives are much less stressful than mine. Also I've been having a Strangers with Candy marathon and am officially obsessed with Amy Sedaris. I seriously love that woman.

I don't have a relevant gif for this post so here you go:

Nightmare at 20,000 feet

I'm finally in New York now even though it was hell getting here. First our plan was delayed an hour because of god knows what so we just sat around the terminal eating bagels. Then once we finally get to New York, we have to start circling around because the airport was full and there was no place to land. Apparently some really bad weather hit and delayed a lot of flights that we're supposed to arrive the day before and so the airport was a mess. I was sleeping for a good portion of that but woke up because there was a lot of turbulence that came out of nowhere and then the pilot decides to announce "Ladies and gentlemen, we've run out of fuel so we're going to have to make an emergency landing in Maryland about 15 minutes away". I'm not sure if I've told anyone this, but I fucking hate flying. I'm always terrified the plane's going to crash and I always have that Final Destination moment where I see the whole place turning into chaos. And to make matters worse, I was sitting on the fucking wing! Anyone who's seen Twilight Zone or Dexter's Laboratory knows that's where clowns and surly teddy bear monsters hide, and you're always the first to die.

Luckily though, everything was fine, we were supposed to get in at 1:30 but didn't get in till 5:00 thanks to all the delays. Basically, I'm happy I'm still alive. I love you all and hope you're having great spring breaks!

Mar. 13th, 2010

I'm leaving for New York in about 10 hours. I'm a little excited, a little tired, and a little pissed off at the crap load of work I have to bring along with me. I'll try and update along the way. Also, I could kick myself because I left the connector for my camera at home, so I can't post pictures along the way. That reminds me, everyone get a Tumblr so I have friends and don't look like a loser.

Remember to Spring Forward!
I'm seeing a lot of present posts and I want to join in. To Caitlin: I'm also drinking a ginger peach black tea right now and it's delicious and made me think of you. Anyways, saw Toan today and got my present which were really pretty silver hoop earrings. Now I just need to give him his present which is ski stuff of a hat and gloves. I swear this is the year of obscure presents but they're pretty nice so I figure he can use them beyond his ski trip. Let's see after present giving we hung out for a couple of hours around Cypress and went to Petsmart on adoption day!! There were all these kittens and dogs and one of the ladies there let me hold a couple, it really brightened my day. After that we just talked about life and whatnot. He's been really helpful/supportive these past couple of weeks with all the craziness going on in my house so I appreciate that. And he also said he's worried about a couple of his roommates because they're already planning/thinking about marriage and the women they're with just aren't right for them or nice. I don't know, personally I just think marriage in general at this age is so hard to comprehend. We're just so young! Hopefully it works out for them though.

Cypress is killing my soul. I hate the fact that everything shuts down by 9 pm (10 at the latest) and that I can't make midnight runs anywhere. Well maybe IHOP but I don't trust the teenagers that work at every establishment and pretty much run the town. All I've really done since I've been home is bake, nap and Christmas shop. I need to be studying for the GRE and handling the ticket situation. Whatevs. Tomorrow I'm making Peanut Butter Blossoms (below) and then probably just decorating Christmas cookies and then Red Velvet cupcakes. I'm too lazy to make anything fancy this year so back to basics and favorites.

Mk I'm going to go knit and watch the Simpsons on Hulu.

Your resentment is delicious

 I was going to do homework but that's just not going to happen now soooo....LJ TIME!!

Let's see, my life. Nothing interesting as far as school. It's just super hard and I'm super sleep deprived but right now the storm of tests and papers has sort of passed so it's not too bad. I haven't been taking care of myself like I should lately. I haven't slept a lot this week and there's nothing worse than being tired bc you look like shit. I really need to start working out more and lay off the sugar (I've pretty much cut out fast food except for the occasional burger, which is good, baby steps). But yeah it's taking a toll and I feel like shit and have a baby bump. I need to lose some weight and before anyone gives me that "whatever you're so skinny" spiel, everyone has their ideal weight. I would personally like to get back to a number where I can't legally donate blood. Mk end of rant.

Baker came to visit last weekend and Becca was the weekend before, which was lovely, I always enjoy seeing everyone's beautiful face :)

Ok Baker this is mainly for you. I read last night that Lady Gaga isn't coming to any place near Texas. Needless to say I'm pissed. I'm not a concert goer but this is one I was really looking forward to. I'm hoping that this is just the first leg of her tour bc I know some artists release the first dates of their tour and release the other cities later. Idk I just hope it's true :(

My Halloween costume came in the mail today! I've decided to be Uhura from Star Trek (Spock's woman) and the costume looks pretty decent. I just have to get it altered cause it's a little big but it shouldn't cost too much. I was originally going to be Sally Bowles from Cabaret but the Star Trek costume wound up being cheaper so I'll just save Cabaret for next year. UNLESS YOU"RE SERIOUS ABOUT BEING A SAILOR SCOUT CAITLIN BC IF YOU ARE WE CAN GO IN A GROUP. We still need more sailor scouts so everyone else start thinking about yours. I call Sailor Mars.

I'm going home this weekend to Cypress. I need to get my hair did and bring back some winter clothes. And maybe if go to Luby's, who knows.

I'm excited for these next few weeks. Next week is Joey's Halloween thing (maybe, he hasn't said anything so we'll see...), After that is Halloween, weekend after that is Joey's bday and then weekend after that is Becca's ring dunk (where I will not only see Becca's beautiful face but be reunited with Cane's)!!

Last week I went with Andy and Taylor to Marshall's bday thing and while there Taylor informs me that Elliot has a crush on me. I don't know he's nice but not my type. Actually I don't even know if any of you know who he is. I'm not his Facebook friend so I don't have a pic so you'll just have to use your imagination. Kind of like that creepy guy that keeps texting you Taylor; smokes a lot of pot and just not all there. I can't remember his name but it's fine bc he's not important. But to sum this up, I'm not encouraging this. At all.

Mk that's about it.

I'm Sorry, Ms. Jackson

 Hello bbs! I can sum up my summer for you in this paragraph (that is after California). Took a Intro to Computing class, a few weeks in I learned it was not for me but thankfully the prof let me drop it. Second summer session I had to classes  (French and 20th century short story). I figured I do decently but it really was a bitch. I wound up with a B in French and a C in the english class. Old Jessica would have freaked out at this mediocracy but it's whatever now. Other than that I've just wrote for the Daily Texan (UT's newspaper) to get some experience for Journalism. Oo and I got to see all of your lovely faces at one point or another throughout the summer. Basically that was my summa summa summa time.

School has started and I'm already annoyed at the freshmen on campus. KNOW WHERE YOU"RE GOING, I DON"T GIVE A FUCK IF YOU ARE NEW!!! I just like how you can tell the newbies bc basically they still dress like they're in high school (heels, unreasonable clothing in 100+ degree heat). I took campus for granted when it was deserted (I don't know if you know this but I hate ppl esp. large throngs of them) but I'm sure if I wait a couple of weeks ppl will start skipping and all will go back to normal.

My classes are going to be a bitch this semester work wise but other than that they seem really interesting. I've been going over the syllabi and by the end of the semester I will have written a minimum of 50 pages of research and response papers total. Not even exaggerating. But here are ze classes:

Pathology and the Powers of Narrative: I get to study torture, disease, love, hate, sex, and lots of other great stuff throughout myths and fables. I love it. Oo and my prof talks like Sean Connery even though he's not Scottish.

African American Literature since Harlem Renaissance: I think the title speaks for itself but I love that I actually have a black teacher! She's awesome and hates Oprah just like me! I know it's lame but I'd like to make this mentor thing happen. I'm also reading Their Eyes Were Watching God for this class and it's really good.

Shakespeare's Selected Plays: My teacher is single, young (early to mid thirties) and British. Let the seduction begin. 

Interpersonal Communication Theory: Need it for my minor (communication studies). Class of about 500 students most whom are freshmen that just text and talk the whole time. But like I said give it a couple more weeks that class size will drop to 150.

Other than classes I need to start preparing for the GRE (I take the test this spring) and I'd like to get it right the first time since each test costs $150. My gpa's so-so, so I'm going to need a kick ass score to get into the schools I'd like, especially since not many grad schools offer journalism to study. I'm also going to try and work at the news station on campus, I figure it could help rake in the experience I need.

I'm considering study abroad (don't ask me how I'll pay for it, right now my options are selling my body and selling drugs).

I WILL get an internship this year. I figure instead of just applying for summer I'll just submit my resume whenever I see something I like. If I need to take time off school so be it. School's overrated anyways.

Toan and I are doing well. Less drama which is always nice. He got me a necklace for my birthday which I like quite a bit and I'm just going to try and enjoy this year since he'll be graduating in a year. Scary how fast things go by...

I think that's everything. I'm going to eat dinner and have a Dr.Pepper which I know is a terrible idea at this hour bc I'll probably have nightmares but oh well. Hope school / life is going well for everyone :D

Sha la la la la la my oh my

 Kisses!!! Then we talk!!!

Guess who fails at updating! Anyways, summer been pretty nice so far. California was amazing (I've never been) so it's nice to say that I put my feet in the Pacific Ocean and did all the California like things. I think while I was there I had In 'n Out for three meals. It was so delicious. Ooo and Yogurtland. Best place ever. Baker, I miss you terribly. I really enjoyed making fun of Tyra  and doing South Park and Nicey Nash impressions with you(MMMH!!!) and hope your internship is going well. Overall, it's just nice to relax and not freakishly stress about things.

I start summer school tomorrow!! I know it's lame but I always get a little excited about the first day of school. That will change in about a few days but oh well. I'm taking an English class so I can wrap up my required credits, so it shouldn't be too bad, the only shitty thing is that it's an 8am class but it's only for the first term. The next one's a computer science programming course because I think I want that to be my second minor. Btw has anyone taken a programming class? I was looking at the schedule and started getting overwhelmed bc it looks intense. Actually, don't tell me, it might just make me vomit everywhere. But I really want to learn this so hopefully I'll be able to get through it. The last course is MY LAST FRENCH CREDIT WOOOOO!!! Again let's hope I don't crash and burn.

I went to HEB earlier this week and saw a guy who looked the spitting image of Robert Pattinson. Personally I don't like him, I think he's a narcissistic unattractive womanizer but he must be doing something right. I stalked him for a little bit bc I was a little spaced out but overall, I just thought it was interesting bc this guy looked just like him except like less of a douchebag bc when he left the store he was riding to his car on his shopping cart.

There's a guy at WholeFoods that works in the dessert section that I find attractive. I've seen him a few times when I've gone and I remember him even giving me a free mini dessert once bc I was telling him I was worn out from studying. So idk, I'll see what happens....prob nothing...but we'll see.

I'm going back to Cypress for my cousin's graduation so it should be interesting. Pretty much all of my extended family will be there, which I'm not okay with, but I'll only be there for about 2 days so I won't have to deal with too much. It just annoys me that when they come, they feel every aspect of my life is their business, especially my love life. I'm looked down upon (not only for my major) but because I'm not reeling in a prospective suitor. I make no apologies for not seeking to settle down before I'm able to legally drink, especially when I have other things on my life to-do list besides popping out children and taking care of a house. Sorry, it just brings out the feminist in me. But besides that I just don't feel like being compared to my cousin all weekend. I mean I love her and she's like a sister to me, but she's going to Harvard, which makes whatever school I go to look like Hooked on Phonics. Whatevs, at least there will be free food.

TAYLOR YOUR BDAY IS THIS MONDAY, I"M EXCITED!!! But also kind of sad bc I'll be missing out on the party but it's ok, just save me some alcohol and we can repeat when I come back sunday.

I've made out my summer reading list. I'm reading The Namesake right now and it's good so far. I think there are about 10 books on the list so I'll be really proud of myself if I get through at least half along with all the school reading.

I think Stacey's Mom is a great strip song.

Oh I went to Alamo Drafthouse for the first time yesterday (and went again today). I saw Up and Star Trek and am officially in love with the theater (but most certainly not the prices).

I'm glad everyone's summer is going well!!

My Life Would Suck Without You

 I've just decided to let these past couple weeks pile up so I can spare you the lame part of my life. Let's see, I got a haircut (an unintentional one) about a week ago and it's been driving me insane because it basically sucks. I mean it doesn't look horrible, I just can't do anything with it. And I wasn't expecting it so it adds to the disdain.

Let's see classes. Nothing special but nothing horrible. I don't know, as much as I enjoy being back on campus, it feels...weird and slightly annoying. But that's just because I'm not a people person, unless forced. Anyways, class reviews:

Dance for Nonmajors: I am in love with this class for two reasons. The teacher's pretty chill and there's no final (well it's a creative dance but in my book that doesn't count). Oh and I have to 'dress out' every class which just makes me feel like I'm in middle/high school. But whatever I can always bring spare clothes to change.

Creative Writing: Let me first just say that this was the class I was most excited for (and I feel bad for Taylor and Caitlin cause they've already heard this rant) but anyways: For whatever reason I got the times mixed up so I wound up showing up five minutes late to class. I know, a great way to make an impression on the first day. So I get there and it's sort of just a big table where we all sit around and NO ONE would inch over so I could sit down. Bitches. Oh yeah, the class is 90% female. And not the cool, fun females. THOSE females. The bitches who think they're so artsy and above everyone and everything and it fucking pissed me off. Especially introduction time when we had to introduce ourselves and say a fun fact. I fucking hate fun facts. Not only will no one remember your fun fact but no one gives a damn. Anyways people kept saying how they were black belts and how they've traveled the world and all I could think of was that I'm scared of balloons. Needless to say, they thought I was a retard. The one bright side was that the prof is a silver fox. And he's lived in the south his whole life so he has that smooth and subtle southern drawl. It's hot.

Communications Class: We had to share another fun fact but at least this class was more receptive. And the teacher's pretty funny/cool

French: I showed up late to this one as well. The prof seems really nice but I can tell already that the class is going to be a bitch. Oh well only two more semesters and I'm done

Anthropology: This teacher is AWESOME. Props to Caitlin for recommending him to me. Basically all he talked about the first class was how if you're a Creationist then this isn't the class for you. And people actually walked out. It was awesome. Although I've always thought that if you're secure enough in what you believe then it shouldn't be a problem but whatever. This class seems hard too but I'm looking forward to it.

Mk I think that's pretty much all I can think of. I'm pretty sure there's more but I'll have to add that later because I'm late for my meeting.
Oh yeah I miss everyone and am pissed that I won't have another break till Spring Break.
Mk I love you bye!
 Oh yeah I forgot. The pharmacy gave me shit Sunday and wouldn't transfer my birth control even though it was on file. So I got my prescription late and had to take two pills today and now I feel nauseous :o( 

Mk now I'm done.


So Taylor made me revive my LJ (she pretty much threatened me and everything) because she felt it would help me to keep in touch with all you lovely Friendswood people. Personally I still don't feel my life is that interesting but I'm tired of always sleeping with one eye open, so Taylor this is for you.

Right now I'm alone and it's dark and I'm kind of scared because Caitlin went home to see her family and Taylor's in Cstat. I don't mind being alone during the day, it's at night when I start hearing noises and thinking people are trying to break into the house. It's cool though because I'm hooked on Buffy the Vampire Slayer now so it distracts me.

Besides that I'm trying to study and I'm failing miserably, which sucks because I need decent grades just to make a final mediocre grade in half my classes. I'm just ready for break because that means lots of baking and no classes. Mk I'm started to get distracted just typing this so I think this is enough for now.